Welcome to M.IN.D Lab at Seoul National University!

Our mission is to develop state-of-the-art machine learning/deep learning algorithms for solving intelligence and real world data problems. To know more about our research and joining the lab, please visit here and here, respectively.

Notice: As of Nov 2022, we currently do not have any more openings for the BS interns for Winter/Spring 2023. Thank you very much for your interests.

Recent News

  • 23.3 Yongho, Sumin, Jinwoo, Juhyun, Heewoong (MS/PhD) and Yong Jin (PhD) joined our lab! Welcome!
  • 23.2 One paper got accepted to CVPR 2023! Congratulations Sungmin!
  • 23.2 Taesup won 2022 공과대학 우수강의상 for both semesters in 2022! Thanks to the hard work of great TAs!
  • 23.1 One paper got accepted to ICLR 2023! Congratulations Sangwon and Taeeon!
  • 23.1.31-2.1 We had our first internal lab workshop! It was cool!